Posted on October 02, 2015

Colour Theory: What Does a Yellow Office Mean?

It’s that time again: time to talk about which colour you could be choosing for your next office design refurbishment project.

Today, we take a look at why yellow offices are now trendy.

What Does the Colour Yellow Signify?

Yellow may not be the first colour paint you reach for when redesigning your office space, but maybe it should be. Yellow is a hugely positive colour; it’s invigorating and stimulating. This sunny hue can connote:

• Confidence and self-esteem
• Extraversion
• Friendliness
• Happiness
• Mental clarity
• Creativity
• Emotional strength

Yellow has a long wave length and is extremely stimulating, meaning it’s the ideal colour to help lift peoples’ spirits and create a strongly positive, upbeat atmosphere. However, it’s also important to note that too much yellow can be overwhelming and cause anxiety – so getting the balance right is important.

What Brands Have Yellow Logos?

So, why do these businesses use yellow as their key branding colour of choice? Well, the reasons vary considerably depending on industry.

CAT and Stanley are both in the building industry where yellow and black has long been used for warning or safety signs thanks to their bold, standout properties. So, naturally these colours seemed the ideal fit for an eye-catching logo.

Whereas yellow is commonly used with red in the fast food market as it encourages people to eat quickly and leave the food outlet happy and feeling full. For the same reasons, yellow should be used in places where you want to keep people moving, such as hallways or thoroughfares.

Lastly, yellow is a popular colour among children’s products and brands, such as Lego, Hot Wheels and Crayola. Once combined with other primary colours it is used to stimulate their minds and imagination, as well as boost creativity.

Brighten Up Your Office with a Pop of Yellow

Put it in Writing with Wall Stickers – You now know that yellow is a confident and energetic colour which helps build emotional strength, so why not combine it with a motivational quote wall art sticker to give your staff that added extra boost? Placed on an open-plan office wall or in a meeting room, this will inspire those who see it, plus give your room a colourful focal point.

Place Yellow Seating in Reception – You don’t want people to have to linger too long in your reception and at the same time you want them to feel positive entering meetings. So what’s the solution? Yellow soft seating! Not only will this affect your clients’ mood, but it will give your welcome space a much-needed pop of colour.

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Go Bold with Kitchen Cabinets – If you’re feeling brave then why not opt for bright yellow wall cabinets? This may sound a little in-your-face but combined with classic whitegoods, white walls and a grey work surface, it can look rather contemporary and stylish.  

Choose a Different Colour

Still not convinced on the colour yellow for your office design? Then why not learn about some of the other colours you could use. Here are a few we have spoken about in this blog in the past:


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