Posted on September 24, 2015

Colour Theory: What Does a Purple Office Mean?

Did you know purple is a royal colour? And Cadbury tried to trademark their signature shade? There’s more to colour use than you may think. Learn all about purple and its use in business, here: 

What Does Purple Connote?

All colours signify something. Yellow is happiness, red is power and blue is reliability, but what does purple connote? Well there are a number of meanings you can take from this colour. The most prominent being luxury.

Other meanings that can be associated with this colour include:

• Spiritual awareness
• Authenticity
• Truth
• Quality
• Decadence
• Vision
• Contemplation  

What Brands Have Purple Logos?

Since Roman times purple has often been associated with royalty and is still used by the British royal family as a ceremonial colour today. So, it is no surprise that it has become associated with luxury and opulence.

Brands opt for purple branding if they are looking to portray their products or services as the finest quality on the market. Purple is especially popular with chocolate makers as only the best chocolate is smooth and luxurious.

Hallmark is the largest manufacturer of greetings cards in America and has dominated the higher end of this industry for many years, both in the US and here in the UK. Therefore, purple is the ideal colour for its branding, particularly since the crown in Hallmark’s logo reflects the royal connotations. 

Introduce a Little Purple Into Your Office Design

Is your business branding purple? Then why not introduce it into your business premises’ décor? Purple is a deep and rich colour, and if over-used can make a room seem dark and dingy. But follow our top tips below and your office will look light, bright and ever so inviting.  

Purple Feature Walls – Feature walls are a simple yet effective way of introducing a pop of colour into any space. Plus they’re easy and affordable to put in place. All you need is a pot of paint and a roller.
Where possible paint a wall which is at a right angle to any windows. Dark colours absorb natural light, and you don’t want that, do you? 

Purple Accent Features – Alternatively, you could add a little luxury into your office by introducing purple accent features, such as desk dividers (pictured) or other accessories.

Purple Seating – One of the easiest ways of adding colour during an office refurbishment is with furniture. Purple desks may be a little overwhelming, so instead swap those boring black desk chairs for a set in a lovely violet. Or why not opt for a mauve or eggplant couch in reception?

Purple Plants – Purple plants like lavender, violets or allium look amazing in a vase when placed in a reception or waiting room coffee table. And besides their visual appeal, plants can offer a cooling effect and create humidity in a small space.

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After reading about what purple connotes and how to introduce this colour into your office interior décor, are you considering giving your space a bit of a makeover? Well, if you’re considering an office refit we can help. Give our experienced designers a call today on 02920 368585 and let us help you create your dream office interior.

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