What Questions Should You Ask Your Office Designers?

Here at Office Image, we believe it’s always important to have an initial consultation with an interior design specialist to discuss your business premises refit project before enlisting their services. But, what questions should you ask to ensure you are fully informed?

Here are a few we recommend:

Questions to Ask a Commercial Interior Design Specialist


What services can you offer us?
Do you do spatial planning?
Can you refurbish the outside of our building too?
What about visual-audio systems, can you provide these?

Past Work:

What experience do you have with similar projects?
Have you worked with any big brands we would have heard of?
Can you show me examples of previous refurbishments you have done?
Can you provide a list of references?

For example, here are a few of our satisfied customers:

Can we see your portfolio?
Do you have any industry recognised accreditations?
Have you won any awards?
How long have you been in the industry?

The Process

Can you work to our timeline and budget?
Do you do all the work yourself or will we need to hire extra services, such as electricians and plumbers?
When will you be able to start work?
Do you have any preferred suppliers that you work with on a regular basis?
What would you do if an error occurred or something went wrong?


How do you envisage our premises should look?
Will you provide us with design options or one finalised proposal?
Will we see renderings before you start work?
Where do you find design inspiration?
How does your team stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technology?
Can your designs match our brand aesthetics?
Will our office design makeover convey business growth?


How do you charge for your services?
Do you have a local office?
How is best to contact you?
How often will you provide progress updates?
Will we get a dedicated point-of-contact?
Do you work with charity?
What is your company ethos?
What do you need from us before starting work?
How do you ensure value for money?
What kind of insurance do you have?
What is your daily work schedule?
Have you been involved in any legal disputes regarding past projects?
Do you guarantee your work and provide a warranty?

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