Posted on November 02, 2015

Colour Theory: What Does An Orange Office Mean?

We’ve talked about red and blue, green and yellow, and it’s now time to delve further into the rainbow of colours. Let’s discuss what the colour orange connotes and how you can reflect these meanings in your office design ideas. 

What Does the Colour Orange Connote?

Orange is a positive colour that represents physical comfort and warmth, and therefore, is the ideal colour if you want people to feel at home when they’re at your business premises. Orange also connotes the following:

• Security
• Sensuality
• Passion
• Abundance
• Fun
• Food

And as orange is a mix of both red and yellow, it adopts some of these colours’ characteristics too. Orange is stimulating and helps focus our minds, whilst making us feel secure in a warm environment.

What Brands Have Orange Logos?

As orange is a fun colour and is seen as exciting when used in food branding, it’s no surprise that American sports bar Hooters has adopted this shade in its branding. Whereas drinks company Fanta uses the colour to represent the classic orange flavour of its trademark drink and the mobile brand Orange uses it to literally represent its name.

Both Harley Davidson and TNT utilise this colour to promote safety: safety of riding a reliable motorbike and security that a parcel will be delivered successfully.  

Transform Your Office with Orange

Orange isn’t as commonly used in business branding or office design ideas as some other colours, but we think it’s a vibrant shade that can really shake up your business space and make it a bit more invigorating.

But how should you use orange in your office design? Here are a few ideas: 

Orange Planters

Terracotta pots are the traditional choice for small plants. With its brightly fired orange colour, this earthenware is a simple way of bringing some colour into your space.

Why not display a selection of succulents in your reception or on window sills in these lovely pots? Or you could always give other pots an affordable makeover with a lick of orange paint.

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Orange Wall Art

Whether its orange paintings, motivational quotes, illuminated writing or a blown-up brand logo, orange wall art is a subtle way to brighten up a room. When placed on a muted coloured background, orange can really pop, but use it in moderation so it doesn’t become overwhelming. 

Exposed Brick

Alternatively, go back to basics and use the natural colour of exposed brick in your office design. This works effortlessly with an industrial or shabby chic country interior and is extremely affordable to create. Exposed brick provides a versatile background that is easy to decorate around.

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(image: We Are Social under CC BY 2.0 and Dee Speed under CC BY 2.0)



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