Posted on August 26, 2015

Colour Theory: What Does a Red Office Mean?

We’ve talked about the colours blue and green in office design, and it’s now time to continue our series on colour theory by looking at one of the most vibrant shades – red.  

What Does Red Connote?

Most people when they think of the colour red and what it conveys will immediately jump to ideas of love, romance and passion, maybe even fire. But when used in office design, this colour takes on a whole new meaning.

Colours can signify a number of different things and red can be seen as:

• Physical
• Positive
• Strength
• Warmth
• Stimulation
• Excitement
• Power
• Masculinity  

What Big Businesses Use Red in Their Branding?

As red is a physical colour, it stimulates us, raises our pulse and makes time feel like it is passing quicker than it actually is. This speedy feeling is why this colour is often adopted by fast food outlets that focus on grabbing a bite to eat on the move, as well as travel companies such as Virgin.  

The fact that red can signify power, strength and excitement means it is also a popular colour for car manufacturers, such as Honda and Toyota. It is hoped that the same connotations will become associated with their vehicles. 

Do You Like the Idea of a Red Office?

Are you considering red office design ideas for your refit or refurbishment? Then utilise our years of experience and let us help you to redesign and really make the most of your space so it’s not only practical, but looks great too.

How would we recommend introducing the colour red into your commercial space? Well, here are a few top tips:

Don’t Paint Every Wall Red – Red is bold and bright, but too much of this colour can make a room feel smaller and darker than it is. Don’t let your space feel overwhelmed, instead opt for pops of colour using furniture, window dressings or a feature wall.

Recline in Red – Soft seating is comfortable and inviting anyway, but when it is upholstered in red fabric it appears even warmer. Invest in some stunningly soft sofas for your reception, staff room or meeting spaces in this ruby shade.

Red Wall Art – Would you prefer something portable that you can easily incorporate or remove if you decide to move offices or reconfigure your space? Then paintings or another form of wall art are ideal.

Modern art which holds a bold print will not only look amazing on your walls but won’t distract your staff from their work like a classic scene might.

Red Stationary – It doesn’t have to be large permanent items that you use to add colour, small accessories, like stationary, work just as well.  

So, are you now convinced that a red office space is for you? Then give us a call on 02920 368585 to discuss your office redesign or refit options, and to arrange a meeting with our trained designers who can talk you through office design ideas.

In the meantime, why not check out our gallery of past work by clicking here. The photos below are a great example of how we’ve used a pop of red to brighten up a drab and colourless office in the past.


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