Posted on November 10, 2015

Colour Theory: What Does a Pink Office Mean?

No colour is more feminine than pink. So, if you offer a product or service aimed at women, this may be the ideal colour for your business branding and office design ideas.  

What Does Pink Connote?

Pink is a positive and physical colour that represents femininity. It represents sexuality and sensuality, among many other things, including:

• Physical tranquillity
• Nurture
• Warmth
• Love
• Survival
• Fragility

Whereas red physically stimulates us and gives us energy, this similar shade soothes and calms instead. For this reason, pink is seen as a powerful, psychological colour. Due to its strong feminine characteristics it can sometimes be emasculating, so use this colour in moderation.

What Brands Have Pink Logos?

Society dictates that you dress boys in blue and girls in pink, so pink is recognised as the most feminine colour. So, it is unsurprising that the majority of businesses that use this colour in their branding offer products or services targeted at women or young girls.  

The American lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret uses this colour for its feminine and sexual connotations, whereas Bourjois Paris uses pink as the majority of their customers are women. And Roxy, the female branch of surf and ski brand Quicksilver, uses pink to clearly define the women’s range of products.

However, T-Mobile breaks the mould. T-Mobile have adopted the logo of its parent company Deutsche Telekom, a private company that has now trademarked its distinctive magenta colour. But why pink? After all, they want to attract both male and female customers. Well, to stand out, of course. In an industry filled with blue logos, T-Mobile has a unique brand identity unlike any of its competitors.

Go Girlie with a Pink Office

If you’d like to stand out from your competition like T-Mobile or perhaps attract female customers, why not use the colour pink in your office design?

But, how do you use the colour pink without your office looking like Barbie’s paradise? Here are a few pink office design ideas:

Soft Seating – Soft seating is the obvious go-to way of adding colour to your office space without overwhelming the rest of your design. Sofas, stools and benches will insert a pop of colour into your décor in an understated way.

Light Up Desks – Do you have a technology company or perhaps you’re a brand who promotes an image of being modern and cutting-edge? Then why not kit out your office with these cool desks with coloured light side panels? 

Not only are these a show-stopping piece of furniture, but they provide only a hint of pink for those who are a little more reserved when it comes to business premises décor.

Coloured Undersides – Another way of giving your décor some subtle colour is to purchase lunchroom tables or office desks that have pink undersides or legs. This way the pink is seen, but it is muted.

If you love the colour pink, but aren’t quite sure how to use it in your office interior design, we can help. Call our experienced designers to arrange a meeting to discuss ideas of how you can adopt this feminine shade.

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