Posted on July 10, 2015

Colour Theory: What Does a Green Office Mean?


When redesigning your office space, you’ve probably considered your budget, how many desks and chairs you need, plus electrical points. But the functionality of your office design is just 50% of the process; there’s also aesthetics to bear in mind. And a huge part of this is the colour scheme.

So, what colour should you paint your office premises? Well, why not green? 

What Does Green Convey?

The colour green is often associated with nature and ecology, but it can also be a way of making your staff more productive. The colour green inspires broad thinking and creative thought. It is a positive colour that generates regrowth and can energise people. All ideal characteristics that would work wonderfully in the modern workplace.

Besides this, green has a number of other meanings associated with it. Here are just a few:
• Harmony
• Balance
• Rest
• Refreshment
• Reassurance
• Vitality
• Practical
• Safety

What Businesses Have Green Branding?

Due to its obvious relationship with nature (grass is green, trees are green etc.), the colour green is commonly adopted by business brands who are proud of their organic or ecological practices. For example, The Body Shop’s ethically and sustainably produced beauty products are inspired by nature. And Whole Foods sell only organic foods that can be traced to ensure no pesticides are used in their growth.

Because of this, it is often used with brands that deal with animals (e.g. Animal Planet) and resources (e.g. BP) too.

Whereas food and accommodation brands adopt the colour in order to emphasise their products’ refreshing benefits that restore vitality and harmony.

Go Green with Office Image’s Help!

So, you’ve chosen the colour green, but how can you tastefully incorporate it into your office design ideas without it becoming overwhelming? Well, that’s where our expertise can help.

Green Seating – An easy way of injecting a pop of colour into any space is by using furniture. Investing in green chairs are an affordable and effective method of doing this. 

And the bonus? When you’re bored of your colour scheme, it can easily be changed up by swapping out a few chairs here and there. There’ll be no paintbrush in sight!

Green Window Fixtures – Whether curtains or blinds, you’ll need some kind of window coverings to keep the summer sun out of your eyes and prevent glare on your computer screen. But ditch the boring grey and opt for a refreshing green fabric, so when the sun shines through you’ll get a gorgeous green glow.  

Potted Plants – How better to bring greenery into your office space than with nature itself? Bring a sense of the outside in and clear the air at the same time by adding a few low maintenance potted plants to your office décor.

Placed on desks or near windows, plants like bonsai trees, cactus, agave and succulents not only look fab but they come with a number of benefits.

Read more about them in our previous blog post: Go Green! How to Make Your Office More Eco-Conscious

We love the idea of having a terrarium in our office space!

Prefer the colour blue? Then find out what this colour connotes, which brands use it and how you can inject a little turquoise or indigo into you office design here.


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