Office Design Trend of the Month: Gyms

The new year is just around the corner, so that will undoubtedly mean around half of the adult population will make the vow to get fit, healthy and lose weight very soon.

As a business owner, this could mean staff spending longer away from their desks, fitting their working day around their fitness classes and maybe even turning up to meetings a little sweaty.

We previously mentioned in this blog the new trend for wetrooms (read all about it here), and teamed with an office gym, your business premises could be cutting-edge. Big brands and global corporations are already big fans. Facebook has its own gym, as does Google in each of its offices. Google even provides its staff with their very own bikes.

The Benefits of an Office Gym

Besides the obvious advantage of staff members saving money on a monthly membership fee, there are a number of benefits of onsite gyms to both employers and employees. Here are just a few:

Productivity Boosts – When a staff member makes the conscious decision to arrive at work early to work out they are determined to meet their morning fitness objectives. This purpose is likely to spill over into their working day, making them work much more efficiently.

Plus, the extra oxygen that goes to the brain when exercising can provide them with energy and help when problem solving. Bonus!

Punctuality Improves – With an office gym there is no need to commute to work after a workout, therefore staff are more likely to arrive at their desks on time, or even early!

The Mood Lightens – Exercise releases endorphins which affect a person’s mood. As a result, staff who go to the gym before work or on their lunchbreaks are more likely to enter the office in a positive mood. This can boost morale among staff members and lighten the mood, even in stressful environments.

Less Sick Days – In general, physically fit people are healthier and less likely to become ill or injured than their sluggish counterparts. As a business owner, this means your staff are less likely to take sick days or prolonged periods of time off, minimising disruption and saving you money. 

Office Image Advice for Designing Your Own Gym Space

If you’re a SME, this new office trend may not be the highest item on your design to-do list. Instead, why not offer your staff a discount at a local gym? That way you still see some of the benefits, without having to pay the full expense of designing and furnishing an onsite gym.

However, if you own a large, multi-million pound company with plenty of space in your business premises then we would thoroughly recommend fitting an onsite gym. Basements or little-used extensions make the ideal location as they are away from the main office space and will cause little disruption to your other staff.

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