Posted on July 01, 2015

Transforming the Workplace: The Future of Office Tech

Office design has changed dramatically since we got into commercial interior design and fit-outs four decades ago. And after some recent reminiscing about the good old days, we got thinking: we wonder what the offices of the future will be like?

Technology is playing an increasingly important part in our working day, so surely gadgets and gismos are going to be commonplace in all industries within 5 or even 10 years.

Here we take a look at some of the future workplace tech that we think will transform office design and the way we work in years to come: 

Workplace Gamification

There’s been a lot of talk recently about educating both children and adults using games. You’ve probably seen that Barclays are always advertising their Coding Playground on TV. And if this emerging technique is taking off in this sector, what’s to say it couldn’t be transferred to any workplace?

It would certainly mean flexible, long distance working would be made much easier. After all, those who use massive multiplayer online role–playing games manage to work as a team to complete quests, communicate and trade advice and knowledge on a daily basis.

So, how could this gamification transform your office. Well, estate agents are already adopting it to simulate property walk-throughs, and hotels, restaurants and shop fitting rooms could do the same.

Immersive workplace gamification is likely to hit it off in the next few years.  

Wearable Tech

We already have Apple watches and Google Glass has been showcased to the world, but the opportunities in wearble technology are massive. And let’s face it, we never put our smartphones down, so they’re more or less wearable tech already. 

(image: Bill Grado under CC BY 2.0)

Desk chairs of the future could act as a charging or connection dock for this wearable tech, and wifi would keep you connected pretty much anywhere in the office.

Some experts even believe holographic meetings will be common in the future. They’ll combine remote working and face-to-face meetings seamlessly in a Star Trek style 3D rendering. These could even have built in translation services for international calls. Imagine that!

Sensors and Gesture Control

We already have wireless keyboards and mice, plus touchscreen tablets and laptops, but things could get even more remote in the future.

Sensors practically everywhere will mean voice and facial recognition can activate or control apps. So, your phone could automatically input meetings into your calendar if you discuss them during a call or translate your dictated notes into any language of your choice in real time. Plus, you’ll probably never have to key in a password again, facial recognition software will log you in to systems like something out of a spy movie.  

(image: Intel Free Press under CC BY 2.0)

But one of the most anticipated future inventions is gesture controlled cutting-edge computing. Users would be able to scroll through pages with a bend of their finger, zoom by pinching thin air and select by making a grabbing movement. The mouse and keyboard would be obsolete.

We think this would be amazingly helpful when presenting a slideshow.

Some of these innovations are well ahead of their time and won’t be around for many years, but they’re pretty cool right? In the meantime, why not give your office’s interior design a bit of a makeover, so it won’t look dated when this new technology comes out?

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