Posted on August 26, 2015

Traditional Desks vs. Flexible Seating: Which is Best?

There has been a lot of talk in the office interior design arena about whether the traditional sit down desk is redundant or not. Flexible working is on the rise and therefore, a need for more relaxed seating arrangements has become apparent. But should you get rid of your desks as part of your office refurbishment?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of both traditional desks and modern flexible seating arrangements to see which design suits your needs best.  

The Benefits of Traditional Desk Seating Arrangements

Not a fan of change? Well, you’re not alone. Around 70% of office staff still work sitting at a traditional desk or cubicle. So, if you’re thinking of an office interior redesign and are swaying towards this seating system, here are a few benefits of the classic desk. 

Everything Has Its Place

You may not have really thought about it before but desks can be a great organisational tool. When each employee is assigned their own, you can ensure there will always be enough seating for everyone. Plus, once you know the dimensions of one desk, spatial planning becomes easy! 

Calming Familiarity

A newly refurbished office can mean a big change for your staff, but a desk provides them with some familiarity. Their personal space may now have a comfy new chair and some added storage, but little will have changed in terms of the way they work, meaning moving into your new office space and getting down to work should be a seamless process. There’ll be very few excuses for a drop in productivity.  

It’s More Affordable

If you’re on a tight budget then traditional desks may be your most affordable option. Plus, as a long established essential part of office furniture, there are plenty of affordable options out there for you to choose from. 

The Benefits of Modern Flexible Seating Arrangements

Total Mobility

With tablets, laptops and smartphones all having access to the cloud, working from a remote or mobile location is now more common than ever. But even when your staff do come into the office, they shouldn’t have to be contained to a desk.

Shared conference-style tables, modular booth sofas and soft seating like beanbags provide options for your employees, so they can decide on which furniture will be most comfortable for them, and therefore, help them concentrate more. 

Open Communication

Cubicles are designed to provide employees with their own personal space and to minimise distractions that may hinder their performance. But these new trends towards decentralised workspaces and flexible working means collaboration is more important than ever.  

Excellent Efficiency

Time is precious and organisational function is an essential part of workplace design. Good office architecture can influence output and your bottom line. So, in order to optimise office space, many business owners are deciding to look outside the box and to adopt clever furniture options, such as standing desks. 

Standing desks get rid of chairs completely. This may sound mad, but it can help fight obesity, improve cardiovascular health and prevent a number of aches and pains associated with poor seating posture.   

Aesthetic Options

Office interior design is more important than ever. Business premises around the world are getting creative, whatever their budget, and flexible seating arrangements mean there are more design opportunities available.

Okay, so not everyone may be willing to go as wild as some of the big tech giants of California, USA, but the impression your office gives is still important. Innovative and affordable workplace design that is aesthetically pleasing is the way forward.

Which Will You Choose?

So, what do you think? Will you be sticking to the traditional desk workstations or will you be stepping outside of the box and choosing a more flexible seating arrangement? Or why not a mix of both?

Here at Office Image we have an experienced team of professionally qualified office design specialists with whom you can discuss your furniture options. They’ll then help develop your design ideas, turning what was once just in your head into a detailed floor design, computer generated model and then reality.

Get in touch today to arrange a sit down to discuss your ideas or to learn more about office interior design, take a look at some of the following blog posts:

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(images: Ramsey Beyer under CC BY 2.0 and Angus McIntyre under and Matthew under CC BY-SA 3.0)


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