Posted on June 17, 2015

Productivity iOS Apps: How Playing on Your Phone in Work is Now OK.

Once upon a time, if you got caught playing on your phone in work you were likely to get reprimanded. But times have moved on. And now, using your phone during the working day could even make you do your job better!

We’ve rounded up some of the best productivity apps on the market and compiled them in one handy blog post. Will you be downloading any of these sometime soon?


Adding meetings, events or occasions to your diary shouldn’t be hard work, and it doesn’t have to be with QuickCal. In fact, you can add entrances to your calendar in just seconds – hence the name.

Plus, if you’re driving or have your hands full don’t worry. QuickCal supports many dictation applications, as well as a myriad of other apps.

Get the latest version 1.6.2 for just £1.49 on iOS 5.0 or later. 


Take your work wherever you go with this handy, productivity boosting app. Take notes, make checklists or store photos. Create documents, discuss ideas with other users or even deliver a presentation using slide deck. Evernote is a great all-rounder!

Get version 7.7.6, which fixed previous bugs, as well as made some other improvements just last month, for free!

Be aware that this app requires iOS 7.0 or later.


This free MetaLab app is an essential piece of tech to help you manage projects and keep track of your to-do list on the move. Store files in one place where all your staff can have access from any internet device. And even delegate tasks using this clever app.

The latest edition of Flow (version 4.0.1) was released in early June and therefore, requires iOS 8 to run.  


Do you always seem to get brilliant ideas when there’s no pen and paper in sight? Then you should download Captio. This simple app allows you to make a quick note of things and send it straight to your inbox with one tap of your finger.

This app is well worth the investment of £1.49. It has just been updated for maximum performance; perfect for busy people on the go.
Captio requires iOS 7.0 or later. 


Make sharing photos, videos, music and documents easy with this free download. This hosting site helps you share your stuff with one simple link.

Droplr requires at least iOS 8.


Do you have trouble remembering your clients’ names or who represents which business? Well, you’ll never forget a person’s name or how you know them again with Humin.

Humin is a free app which remembers all the important details for you. Simply add their phone number and you’ll be able to search through contacts with terms you remember such as ‘works in Bristol’ or ‘met them on the train to London’.

Humin needs iOS 7.0 for its latest edition, version 1.5.3.

Do you think any of the iPhone apps would make you more productive? Then download them today and convince your boss that using your mobile phone during the working day is a good thing for business.


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