Posted on October 12, 2015

Stand Out on a Budget: Clever Company Design Ideas

If your office is looking a little rough around the edges, there are loads of ways to update it without spending a fortune.

Here at Office Image, we’ve put together a few budget-friendly design ideas to help you improve the look of your working space. We hope you find them useful!  

Bring the Outside In

A quick and easy way to update your office décor without breaking the bank is to bring in a few plants.

Not only will they enhance the overall appearance of your office, but they’re actually good for your employees too! Having plants in the office has been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity, so what are you waiting for? Invest in some greenery!

Pothos, philodendrons, spider and snake plants are great for beginners as they’re quite hardy and easy to care for, so start with these unless you’re already horticulturally inclined.

Upcycle in the Office as Well as the Home

If you’ve ever even glimpsed at Pinterest, you’ll be well aware that upcycling is all the rage. But taking something old and unloved and making it brand new with a little TLC and a lick of paint doesn’t have to be an endeavour confined to the home.

Upcycled desks are a great way to spruce up the office without splashing out, and there are loads of ideas on how to do this all over the internet. Some of our favourites can be found here, so check them out for a little inspiration!

Let Your Employees Add Their Own Touch


A great way to add a touch of flair and individuality to a drab working space is to let your employees contribute to the décor.

We don’t just mean a framed family snap and a pot plant on their desk – why not give them each a small budget to spend on a piece of artwork that represents their contribution to the company? Arrange them in a gallery style for a truly unique focal point that makes a great talking point when clients pop in!

Invest in a Mural


If your office walls are bare blank spaces, then why not transform one of them into a work of art? Commissioning a mural doesn’t have to be expensive, you could try reaching out to a local art college to find an undergraduate looking to improve their portfolio.

This is a particularly good idea if you work in the creative industries and can really help emphasise your business’ culture and personality. Don’t rush into it though – make sure you’re happy with your design before you commit it to the wall!

Author: At Office Image, we’re experts at making workplaces more attractive, creative and productive. Want an office to be proud of? Our experienced team of designers are here to help you create your dream space, so if you think it’s time for a change, give us a call!

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