Posted on October 27, 2015

Office Design Trend of the Month: Signature Lighting

It’s that time again, time for our office design trend of the month, and our chosen trend to focus on is… signature office lighting!

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Why is Signature Lighting Fashionable?

Every room needs illuminating and it’s likely that you will place a shade over most fixtures in order to direct or mute the light. But why opt for boring strip lighting or a simple drum covering when you can have something a little more exciting?

A signature light can create a show-stopping feature in a characterless room, which will draw attention and make your interior memorable. And it may save you some decorating costs, because who needs wall art when there’s a masterpiece in the centre of the room?

So, signature lighting is effective, but what lighting fixtures should you choose for your workplace design to fit in with your office refurbishment? Here are a few ideas:

Paper Shades

An issue that you may come across when finding the ideal signature lighting for your office interior design is the fitting’s weight. Oversized, metal pendants with adornments can be quite heavy and therefore, you may need to brace the ceiling or strengthen the joists.

A handy alternative, which could save you the cost of this added work, is paper shades. Light weight and available in a limitless number of designs, paper light shades can be custom made to your exacting design or sourced from interior companies for an affordable price.

Industrial Exposed Pendants

Exposed brightly coloured wiring is becoming more and more fashionable in industrial design settings. Shades are avoided and bright bulbs are hung at varying heights above tables for a cool, hard yet functional effect.

Of course, with no covering in sight, this could mean very bright light, so we wouldn’t recommend using these fixtures near computer screens. Instead hang them from a high atrium ceiling or in a reception area; they look amazing in restaurants or break rooms. But if you want industrial pendant lighting in an office space, opt for a glossed aluminium pendant shade instead.

Shabby Chic Shades

If you and your business are more shabby chic and kitsch than contemporary and industrial, don’t worry. We have the perfect suggestion for you. Put a modern twist on the traditional scalloped bell and empire shade with a colourful cluster which utilises a divided pendant fitting.  

Whether fitted above a stairwell, hung in a reception or featured in a relaxed lounge area, this signature light fitting is sure to impress.  

Sculptural Structures

Unusual pendant lighting for office interior design doesn’t come more weird or wacky than a sculptural shade. From brushed metal to playing cards, cloud formations to hanging top hats, the possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run wild. 

Office Interior Design from Office Image

If you’re considering an office refurbishment and are looking for workplace design inspiration then we can help. Get in touch today to arrange an ideas meeting and take a look at a few of our design based blogs:

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