Posted on July 23, 2015

Should a Boss Have a Separate Office to Employees?

There’s been an age long debate among office design experts and business owners about whether senior management should have a separate office to other employees or whether they should work in the thick of it. And as experts in office refurbishment, we can only say “do what works for you”.

Not sure what that is? Here are some of the benefits to both open plan and private offices. Which will you choose for your business premises? 

Benefits of an Open Plan Office

Stay In-the-Know – As a person in power within the company, it is your job to know what is going on at all times within your business. But this can be hard to do if you’re locked away in an office away from the staff 95% of the time.

But by sitting at a desk among your employees you’ll be surprised how much you notice and pick-up naturally.

You’ll Appear More Personable - You’ll also appear more approachable to your employees meaning staff are more likely to come to you with their issues should any occur. The best teams feel their bosses are easy to talk to and down to earth while still able to assert their authority.

It Saves Space – Pull down walls, doors and windows and you may be surprised by how much space you free up. You may be able to fit in more workstations than you think.

Plug points can be shared, as can printers and other technology, meaning you’ll save money too. And what business doesn’t want to keep their costs to a minimum?

Benefits of a Private Office

Less Noise – There’s nothing more annoying than trying to take a business call and not being able to hear the person on the other end because of the hubbub around them. Don’t be one of those people, give yourself your own private office and therefore, some quiet space so you can take important conference calls in peace. 

This will also provide you with some privacy for confidential or personal conversations with your accountant, suppliers or lawyers.

Less Distractions – Although they may not mean to, other people can become quite a distraction. But if you have your own private office, this becomes less of an issue. You’ll no longer get disturbed by people entering or leaving the office, going on tea or coffee rounds or the general noise of everyday conversation.

A Clearly Defined Relationship – Yes, you want your staff to feel you’re approachable and that they can come to you at any time, but it should also be clear that you’re their boss, not their friend. A separate office can create this divide.

A Happy Medium

Deciding whether you want to sit among your staff in an open-plan office or in your own private room can be tricky, so why not choose a happy medium? Your own separate table in the main office space. That way you can save on space, money and stay up-to-date but you’ll also have your own space to provide that much desired detachment to minimise noise and distractions.

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