Posted on September 22, 2015

Office Reception Space Interior Design Inspiration

We’ve spoken previously in this blog about how first impressions count and how you can transform your office reception space. Colourful walls, art work and unusual office reception furniture all work well, but sometimes you just need to see some real life examples to get your creative juices flowing and decide on a design.

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If you need a little inspiration, then take a look at the world’s best office reception areas (or a few of them anyway) pictured below:

Disqus – San Francisco, California, USA

Blog comment company Disqus has its headquarters in San Francisco, California close to the majority of the world’s most successful tech companies. And when it had an office refit way back in July 2012, the company proudly posted photos on its Facebook page for the world to see.  

(image: Disqus Facebook page)

Disqus’ website and business branding uses bright blue and mustard yellow colours, so it’s no surprise that they’ve introduced this sunny colour into their office reception furniture. And although it is an unusual choice, we think it is extremely effective, especially with this hay bale like soft seating.

ESET – Bratislava, Slovakia

Do you love colour, but not sure if you’re brave enough to go bold with your office reception interior design? Then take a look at the reception space at ESET’s office in Bratislava.

ESET offers antivirus software and internet security services, and with this futuristic, almost alien-like décor this office design clearly depicts a company that is forward thinking.

(image: ESET Facebook page)

Of course, you don’t have to place high-gloss, lime green squares all over your walls and ceiling. Why not opt for a boldly painted feature wall behind your reception desk instead? Or take inspiration from ESET’s triangular chairs and opt for office reception furniture that’s a little more unusual than the regular sofa?

Google – Chicago, Illinois, USA

Google is known for its weird and wonderful office interiors that are created with what seems like a limitless budget. But we chose to feature the Chicago office, not because it is the biggest or the best, but because it offers the best office reception design ideas for those on a more moderate budget. 

This attainable design uses bold primary colours alongside clean, white surfaces and comfortable modular seating to present a reception space that reflects the company’s brand. This is an inviting space, which we couldn’t imagine anyone would mind waiting for a meeting in.    

AOL – San Francisco, California, USA

Back in SF, the tech hub of the world, here we take a look at AOL’s minimalistic office. Many business owners think that because they have a lot of space, they have to fill it or it will look sad and empty. However, it’s not always the case. 

(image: AOL Facebook page)

AOL’s office uses very little colour or furniture, yet this cool, industrial style works effortlessly. Polished concrete floors are paired with the soft curve of the back wall, while their designers have made a clever use of a structural pillar to store the staff’s bicycles.

Could minimalism work for your office? We could certainly help you come up with some unusual storage ideas.

Yelp – San Francisco, California, USA

If you’d prefer something a little more luxurious that screams opulence, then you may like to take a look around Yelp’s San Francisco office. Located in a period property, the interior design of Yelp’s office reception combines modern exposed brick and exposed piping with classic quilted ottomans and soft key lighting to reflect the lavish main building reception.  

(images: Yelp Facebook page

Need Help Bringing Your Ideas to Life?

If these images of real-life offices have inspired you to start redesigning your office reception space, give our expert interior design specialists a call and we can sit down together and start making these dreams a reality.

If you’d like to learn a little more about Office Image and the projects we’ve completed then click through the images in our gallery or take a look at these photos of the work we did for EDP.

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