Posted on November 06, 2015

Office Design Trend of the Month: Quote Wall Art

In the fast paced world of office design and business premises refurbishment there’s always something new and exciting. That’s why we write a Trend of the Month blog series; to share our knowledge and experience of the latest design styles and products we’re seeing grow in popularity.

So, without further ado, our trend of the month for November 2015 is – quote wall art!

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Statement Artwork – Literally

Not a fan of rolling countryside landscapes or modern, minimalist prints? Then why not opt for quote stickers or wall art instead?

Not only are they easy to apply, but these quotes offer a contemporary twist on classic office wall art. Quotes add interest to a usually boring wall in your office and, if motivational, can provide your staff with a much needed pep to boost productivity.

From bold, block print to delicate calligraphy, there is a style for every business brand. Whether you purchase a well-known phrase or something that is more personal to your company and staff, we’re sure it will look amazing on your office wall.

The majority of quote wall art is created using large wall stickers, which can easily be removed should you plan an office refurbishment years down the line. There are no hooks, nails or fastenings required, just some patience and a steady hand.

Want your wall quote to stand out so it can be seen from across the office? Then choose a sticker with white or black writing and place it on a coloured background, such as a painted wall.

For help choosing what colour your office interior or business premises décor should be, check out our handy guide here.

Alternative Quote Wall Art

Of course, you don’t have to use giant wall stickers to proudly display a quote in your office, there are alternatives.

Clipboards - For something a little less permanent you could hang wooden clipboards from wall hooks or nails and display A4 printouts of quotes. This way you can have a ‘quote of the week’ or adapt the motivational message depending on what’s going on within your business. Though, a small clipboard doesn’t have the same emphasis as oversized wall stickers.

Light Up Letters – Whether it’s an open sign, a quote, your business’ brand or mission statement, light up letters are a great way of utilising wall art for more than one function. Both neon and incandescent bulb options are available for these metal letters, all you need to do is plug them in. 

External Wall Art – Last but not least, if you want to make a statement with your office design, why not proudly display a quote or motto on the outside of your building? It will certainly get attention! 

And there are no rules to say writing has to be displayed on walls. Here at the Office Image headquarters, we have our company name in prime position across the windows that line the front exterior of our building. It’s certainly an attention grabber and it also provides our staff with some added privacy from passersby too.  


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