Office Trend Predictions For 2017


It’s a new year which means it’s time to think about what new design trends we should be looking out for in 2017. Interior designers are really starting to focus on what will boost creativity and productivity in the workplace and what will generally improve a business’s working environments for its employees. We have a look at what we should be looking out for in the workplace over the next year and the good news is, it’s very focused on employee well-being.


Employee Well-being

Most people would agree that there’s nothing worse than spending your working day stuck in a dark stuffy office with poor lighting and cramped space.

To promote productivity and general good health, workspace designs will focus on the well-being of the employees and what will make a positive working environment. This can be down to simple things like the colour used, comfort levels, standing desks, lighting and indoor plants. Also see blog

The use of grass walls is also a popular trend which we should see even more of over the next year. More businesses are trying to bring the outdoors inside so to speak to help create a more pleasant atmosphere and allow more purified air to flow throughout.

There is also a rise in the demand of standing desks which has been prevalent in the last few years. Having around 45 minutes of standing to every 15 minutes you are sitting at your desk


Collaborative Spaces

We are starting to see more office designs making it possible for employees to share a more communal space and not be restricted to one desk or cubical/ office. It encourages more employee engagement which can promote more creative discussions to flow and can also be more cost effective.

Lounge areas are also becoming more popular as it provides a space where employees can take a break away from their screens and essentially relax out of working hours. This is exceptionally beneficial in hectic workplaces where staff members are constantly on the go and need a space to gather their thoughts or have a quiet five minutes to themselves. It’s also a great way to encourage employee interaction away from the work environment and preventing disturbing other staff members at work.

Integrated Technology

If you want to stay ahead in your business, keeping up with the latest technology available is essential. If your office still has old computers from the 1980s then you can expect to have a lot of frustrated staff members. Not only is keeping your hardware up to date very important, but allowing your workplace to have a smoother working experience will benefit your business. This could be the use of built in TVs and power adapters, wireless charging ports or multimedia capabilities that could help showcase your company as a business that is ahead of the game.


These office trends are definitely worth considering if you are looking to make your work space a more enjoyable and comfortable place to spend your working day. If you are looking for help in making your dream work place a reality, then get in touch with us on 02920 368585 or email

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