Office Cable Management: Tips for Keeping Wires Tidy

So you’ve decided you’re going to have an amazing office refurbishment and you’ve even started considering design, but have you thought about the more practical elements such as electric cables and wires?

Don’t let cables ruin your office image or become a health and safety hazard, follow these cable management tips for an organisational masterpiece.

Label Your Cables

When you’ve got five, ten or even more things plugged in to an extension lead or the back of your computer, unplugging one particular device can be extremely challenging and take some time. But if you label your wires, this can considerably speed up the process.

Handwritten sticky labels or masking tape notes are an affordable way of doing this. Simply attach to the side of the plug and within minutes you’ll have saved yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Tie Them Up

Once your cables are labelled, you’ll want to keep them tidy. There’s nothing worse than seeing a jungle of wires hanging out the back of a computer screen or under a desk. 

An easy way of stopping cable chaos and preventing wires from tangling is to bind them together using millipede cable ties. Millipede cable ties will allow you to tidy wires into one single grouping without damaging any of the cables’ flex. Plus, they are reusable! Unlike regular cable ties. 

Cage Them In

If you’re worried tying your wires together may be problematic, why not scoop them up and contain them in a wire basket attached to the underside of your desk instead?  

You can get wire basket cable organisers specifically designed for this purpose. And when used correctly, this basket-style organiser will be completely concealed from site.  

Mount Them to a Pegboard

If you’d prefer the clean lines of a desk without underside storage of any kind, you may find you have technology placed on the floor or dangling precariously from your desk. A wall mounted pegboard could help prevent this as not only will you be able to pin down your cables but small pieces of technology, such as modems, too.  

If you want to hide this, you could pin the pegboard to the underside of your desk instead, or why not slide it into place on runners?
Of course, a solution to all your cable woes would be to invest in wireless technology. That way there are no wires to worry about.

And when better to invest in brand new technology than when you’re having the whole office refurbished?

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