Posted on October 12, 2015

Motivate and Inspire Your Staff with a Creative Environment

Creativity in the workspace is something that needs to be nurtured, and one of the best ways to do this is with your office design.

Think about it, are you more likely to come up with great ideas in a drab grey cubicle in an uncomfortable chair, or working together in a collaborative space with people who share your passions?

It really is a no brainer – so to help you foster creativity in your office, we’ve come up with some easy to implement tips. Give them a try and let us know how you get on!

Use Design to Encourage Collaboration

Collaboration occurs when people get together and talk – it’s as simple as that. Whether these conversations happen as a result of people regularly working together or as a result of a chance encounter in a common area.

So how do you encourage this in design terms? Open plan offices work well, where people can see and interact with people in different departments, as well as more common areas than you might strictly feel are necessary.  

Make Your Staff Feel at Home

For creative people to work at their best, they need to feel comfortable in their environment, and that’s especially true for creatives. To this end, allowing your employees to have some influence over the look and feel of their workspace can boost creativity. Whether that be by allowing them to bring in personal items to decorate their space, getting them to contribute a piece of artwork, or simply asking their opinion on possible changes. 

Brand Your Space

If you want to inspire a culture of creativity, your workspace should reflect this as much as possible. Choose colours that communicate your brand and the energy you want to project; oranges, reds and yellows convey high energy, whereas greens are associated with nature, growth and freshness.

Think about objects or art work that best represent the mood that you’re aiming for and try to include them in your décor. Things like a mural that includes your company’s logo, or a library area filled with books and magazines. It can also help to have a company mascot hanging around the place!

Allow Play with Fun Workplace Design

After conducting a study into the evolution of work and collaboration, PFSK, an online resource for creative professionals, found that businesses throughout the world are designing their work environments around the philosophy that play and fun can help inspire their employees to come up with innovative ideas, products and services. By using vibrant colours, games, and in the case of Google, even slides, these companies are hoping to stimulate their employees’ imaginations and reduce the stress associated with a working environment.

We’re not saying you need to install a fireman’s pole, but things like video and board games, pool and ping pong tables, even colouring-in walls all help to promote the idea of fun in the workspace.

Embrace the Use of Zones

Creativity occurs in many different ways, and these need to be taken into account when you’re designing your workspace. Think bean bags or comfortable sofas for sharing ideas and coming up with news ones, breakout areas for fun and relaxation, and small private pods for intense collaboration.

In the same vein, it’s really important that your employees have somewhere quiet and free from distraction to go if they’ve got to hunker down to do a few hours of concentrated work. If you can’t provide them with this, let them go elsewhere to find it.

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