Posted on November 05, 2015

Innovative Office Design and the Future of Furniture

Here at Office Image, we’d like to think we offer our clients the latest, up-to-date office design trends and cutting-edge furniture. We always keep an eye on the latest innovative product releases and see how we could incorporate them into practical yet stylish designs.

Here are a few of our favourite products to recently be launched around the globe: 

The Altwork Station

 The Altwork Station has quickly been deemed the ‘office desk of the future’. This reclining desk chair means you could quite literally do your job lying down. 

A dream for design fans and lazy folk alike, the Altwork Station allows you to sit upright, recline or fully lie down while still being able to see and reach your computer at all times. Super strong magnets will hold your mouse and keyboard in place, so you never have to worry about these items falling off the unit. The chair even rotates so you can still turn to face and collaborate with colleagues.

If you’re happy to spend £4,000 on a chair, then this is one we’d recommend.  

The Picnic Basket Work Lounge

There’s something very formal about holding meetings or brainstorming sessions within a conference room. But if you’re looking to create an informal, laidback atmosphere in your business premises, we may have the perfect meeting spot for you. 

Get comfortable with Feek Shimoda Shapes!

Posted by Trendway Corporation on Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Picnic Basket Work Lounge from Shimoda Design Group is a brightly coloured foam seating unit with a central table. It was designed with the idea of a campfire in mind, where multiple people share one comfortable and supportive seat around a focal point – the table.  

The Regard Planter

Steelcase are makers of innovative, modular systems and the Regard Planter is one of their latest offerings to the Steelcase Health Regard furniture line. A box planter attached to the reverse of one of the modular sofa configurations is a great way of bringing a natural element into any reception or waiting room.

Plants not for you? Don’t worry. They also offer coat hooks and miniature desk attachments for their sofas too.

The Metaform Portfolio System

Herman Miller’s Metaform Portfolio System is something you’ve probably never seen before. This adaptable office shelving system made of lightweight foam allows business premises owners to build and reconfigure workspaces with giant children’s play block like pieces.

This system is designed for ease and speed, so business owners and designers will have huge flexibility when arranging an office space.  

Although sold by Herman Miller, the Metaform Portfolio System is designed by Studio 7.5 in Berlin, who have ensured that, with each piece weighing in at just over a stone, anyone can use this futuristic office furniture. Each block comes in a curved or straight version, with three furrows or shelves made out of seven layers of foam, of varying heights.

These can then be made into dedicated work zones, for privacy in communal areas or even as a display for presentations. Plus, the foam also absorbs sound, meaning there’ll be less distractions when sat near this unusual furniture.

The Reves Chair

The Reves Chair by Muka Design Lab in Spain works on a similar basis to a shirt collar; it can fold up or down depending on the user’s wishes. Maximised for comfort, this quilted chair is made of a textile that’s strong enough to remain upright without wooden, metal or plastic support.

This chair can provide a cocoon like private space or open up for a more public space, depending on different situations.

Silla Revés

Posted by Muka Design Lab on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Cutting-Edge Design from Office Image

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