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Here at Office Image, we’re experts at designing and fitting professional office interiors; however, we like to have fun sometimes and, if a client is looking for something ‘different’, there is nothing we enjoy more than letting the creative juices flow.

There still needs to be a theme, of course. And what could be better than reflecting a brand logo and the company’s industry sector in the designs?

Whether it’s an Astro turf floor in a sports shop or a metal sculpture in a mechanics’ office. Let your imagination run wild when envisioning your premises’ design. Here are a few ideas you may enjoy:

Industry 1: Sport

The Football Association of Wales’ Pitch Booth

When we designed and refurbished the Football Association of Wales’ headquarters last year there was a strong emphasis on reflecting the pride of Welsh football throughout the décor. As a result, the organisation’s crest was emblazoned throughout the building and its colours reflected in the décor.

Red, white and green was used throughout, alongside soft seating and private booths, to create a warm and inviting space that reflected the organisation’s brand. The star item was the curved booth, of course. It was printed with two football pitches!

The Cardiff Blues’ Bar Rugby Greats Wall

Another great example is the refurbishment we completed for the Cardiff Blues. We recently refurbished their bar at Cardiff’s Arms Park and provided visitors with a memorable walk to the loo with this ginormous wall mural of rugby greats.

Further Examples

Check out this Astro turf floor we fitted in Liberty Marketing’s Cardiff office. We think this would look amazing in any sports business’ premises.

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If you work with bikes, we’ve found a number of creative ideas you may enjoy. The first is creating your very own cycle route throughout your business’ premises using fitted carpet runners. Of course, unless you have loads of space, it’s probably not the best idea to actually ride your bike along this carpeted road, but your bikes will look darn good displayed proudly on it.

The second is to utilise old bike parts to build a piece of art. Whether chains or wheels, handlebars or seats, these unwanted parts can look beautiful when upcycled into some trendy decorations. Here’s a great example of what you could do with spare parts. We particularly like the chain mirrors. 

Industry 2: Floristry

When planning a florists shop and design room you want the emphasis to be on the beautiful blooms themselves, so bright or patterned wallpapered walls are to be avoided. You can still add some interest through soft furnishings and accessories though.

Bold, floral prints look amazing when used in rugs, cushions, lampshades or seat coverings in modern waiting areas. Or if you’re more of a traditionalist, opt for small intricate flower patterns in muted shades; brides are sure to love these!

Industry 3: Food

Getting the balance right between decoration and practicality is important when redesigning restaurants, cafes and bars, as you want to make sure the space is easy to maintain and keep hygienic. As a result many establishments decide to use wall art, such as murals or graphic stickers, to bring interest to their décor.

This image below of a Pie Five pizzeria in the USA is a great example. It shows the process your meal takes, from raw ingredients to your plate, and transforms the boring white wall effectively.

For a quirky café, these pillows are a fun option. Designed to look like dougnuts, toast and biscuits, or simply covered in food prints, these cushions make an energetic statement and are sure to keep guests comfortable while enjoying a good cup of tea or slice of cake.

Whether you’re looking for a professional-looking fit out or considering creative office interior design, we can help. Give us a call today on 02920 368585 to arrange an initial consultation where we can discuss your design needs and dreams.

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(images: Wicker Paradise and Robot B under CC BY 2.0, Wikiuserb under CC BY-SA 3.0)


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