Posted on May 27, 2015

Great Graffiti and Wonderful Wall Art for Your Office

It may be cheap to purchase a humongous pot of magnolia paint and whitewash your entire office, but that’s a bit boring. We think your staff will be more inspired, and definitely more productive, if you invest in a little art work for the walls that surround them 5 days a week.

Here are some creative office interior design ideas for you to consider: 

Whiteboard Walls

(image: Blue Note Technologies)

Whiteboards are an essential part of office life. They hold company announcements, important dates and allow us to create visual presentations for clients. So, why not turn a wall in your office into a huge whiteboard? It’ll be practical, create interactive fun for your staff and will look amazing!

It’s such a good idea; Facebook has one in their headquarters.

Graphic Wall Murals

Do you have lots of large, expansive walls without windows or any other design features? Then you’re luckier than you may think. Faultless walls are ideal for large graphic murals like this one we fitted in Polyflor’s break room. 

These large-scale photo wallpapers can give your staff the feeling that they are anywhere in the world. In the deep-depths of a magical woodland, on top of a New York skyscraper or even in a fantastical abstract realm. The possibilities are limitless! 

Wall Art Stickers

(image: Cool Home Accents)

If you only have a small or awkward space, but would like to give it a makeover with some wall art, don’t worry. Photo wallpaper may not be an option, but wall stickers are.

These simple peel and stick images come in a variety of designs, colours and would look amazing on any wall in your office. That is as long as you can ensure they go up straight (but we can help with that). Add window stickers to a box room lacking natural light, place a giant keyboard or mouse on your office wall or why not place a blackboard silhouette sticker of a kettle on the kitchen wall?

Whichever design you choose, this is a foolproof way of adding personality to your office décor on a budget.

Acrylic Wall Signs

A more traditional way of adding interest to your business premises walls is with acrylic or glass wall signs printed with your company brand logo. These are professional, sophisticated and more old school than the other options on this list.

Our office refit at the Football Association of Wales has the perfect example of a branded acrylic wall sign. 

Chalkboard Paint

Like whiteboard walls, chalkboard black paint is an effective way of creating an interactive wall design that is aesthetically pleasing. You’ll never forget anything again with a note written on the wall right in front of you!  

(image: Beach Homes in San Diego)

So, how do you feel about wall art in offices now? If you’re interested in creating your own or maybe even having a business premises makeover give us a call to arrange a meeting today. Let’s bring your design dreams to life! Call us on 02920 368585 or email for more info.

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