Posted on May 06, 2015

First Impressions Count: Refurbishing Your Reception

Let’s face it, first impressions count and customers will get a feel for your company within a few seconds of walking through the front door. You may dress up and wear a suit to look respectable, but what about the room around you? What message is your reception furniture and office design giving off?

Transform your welcome space and really wow your clients with these design ideas:

Add Interest

A plain white or grey room can be quite stark, uninspiring and you may find your clients rather uninterested by the time your appointment rolls around. Spark their imagination, lift their mood and give off positive vibes by adding some interest to your reception space design.

Colourful walls, art work and unusual furniture are simple ways of making your space stand out. Or if you’re based in a brilliant location, show off your views with large floor to ceiling windows which waiting clients can people-watch from.

(image: Decoration Ideas)

Provide Resting Place Activities

Nobody likes being kept waiting, yet this is what reception areas are designed for. Help time fly by providing them with something to do while they wait.

VW Swansea’s new showroom is a perfect example of this. We installed a Vitrage glazing system where potential buyers can sit and watch our mechanics working on the cars. As well as this, the garage provides plenty of magazines, car brochures, plus tea and coffee making facilities. Who wouldn’t mind sitting down with a warm drink and flicking through a magazine to pass some time?

Arrange Comfortable Seating

Some reception furniture can be cold, hard and simply not very inviting. Don’t let your office design leave a bad first impression on your behalf; invest in quality modular sofas or armchairs and make your welcome space so comfortable your guests won’t want to leave. 

Create a Definitive Welcoming Space

When a person steps through that front door you want to make it clear where they need to go. A large welcome desk is a sure fire way of doing this. Here visitors can announce their arrival, sign in if need be and then take a comfortable seat to wait patiently while reading a magazine.

But any old table won’t do. A reception desk should be in keeping with the rest of the office design. You can do this by using the same materials in the reception desk as used to construct the workstations, or carry a colour scheme through from the main workspace into reception accessories. Lamps and cushions are always great for this.

Do you need some help transforming your reception space? Then take a look at our gallery of past work for inspiration and give us a call. Or why not explore some of our other inspirational blog pieces? Let’s see what great first impression we can make!



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