Posted on June 04, 2015

Colour Theory: What Does a Blue Office Mean?

If you’re thinking about having an office refurbishment or refit to makeover your business premises, then you’ve probably started to consider office design ideas. What colour scheme are you thinking of? Not sure? Well, we think blue is ideal. Find out why, below.  

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What Does Blue Connote?

Ask a crowd of people what their favourite colour is and we can almost guarantee that blue will come out tops compared to other shades. Blue is the colour of a summer sky or a crystal clear ocean, and therefore, has a positive influence on many people.

All colours are perceived in different ways and each come with attached meanings that they promote. So, what does blue connote? Positive denotations include:

• Intelligence
• Communication
• Trust
• Efficiency
• Calm
• Cool

Specific hues will differ from other blues, for example soft, baby blue will calm, whereas a cobalt will stimulate thought. But be careful, too much blue can be seen by some as cold, emotionless or standoff-ish. So, make sure to add some warmth with other colours too.

Did you know painting your office blue could save you money? How? Well, colour can change how a person perceives temperature. And cool colours such as blue, green and white can subconsciously trick a person’s mind into thinking it is colder than it is. That means there may not be a need to fork out on an expensive air conditioning unit for the summer months.

What Business Brands Use the Colour Blue?

So, what businesses use the colour blue in their business branding and, as a result, their office interior design? Well, thanks to connotations of trust and efficiency, blue branding promotes the idea that a product or service is reliable. So the tech industry has jumped on this!

Think about it? Can you think of a computer or mobile company that doesn’t have a blue logo? Here’s just a few examples:  

Get a Blue Office!

So how can you add some navy, teal, indigo or turquoise into your business space? Here are a few office design ideas from our team here at Office Image.

Use Blue Accessories – Want to add a pop of colour in small doses? Then do it with accessories. Desk organisers, clocks or wall art is an affordable and simple way of doing this.

Paint a Wall – If you’re feeling bold, then why not transform a drab and dreary space by painting a blue feature wall? This will give a much needed colour pop to a room!

Add Blue Furniture – What colour is your desk chair? We bet it’s black – it is, isn’t it?! Well, we think a nice, bright blue desk chair, meeting room seating or reception sofa will transform your business premises.

So will you be asking us to design a blue office for you? Check out some of our other design blogs for some inspiration then get in touch! We’ve examples of our previous work in our gallery.

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