Christmas Office Design Inspiration to Get You in the Festive Spirit

Decorating your office at Christmas time can be tricky. You want to embrace the festive season and show your company as friendly and personable, but at the same time, it is a place of work and you want to appear professional. It’s a delicate balance.

Whether you’d prefer a tinsel explosion or a delicate display of twinkly lights, we’ve got plenty of office Christmas decoration ideas to inspire you. Take a look at our selection below and you’ll be hunting out the Christmas tree in no time at all.

1. Put Up a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a must! Whether you opt for a small table-mounted plastic version or a gigantic real fir for your reception space, a well-decorated tree is now an iconic symbol of the festive season, and it simply wouldn’t be the same without one. 

2. Hang a Wreath

Make your clients, customers and passers-by feel jolly and festive with a beautifully crafted wreath on your front door. Or if you’re feeling cheeky, hang some mistletoe.

Don’t have a front door? Don’t worry. Hang your wreath above the lift door instead! 

3. Decorate with Lights

You hang lights outside your home, so why not your business premises? After all, you want people to notice your business – don’t you?

4. Light Up with Gifts

You could even light up your interior design with these fun and festive indoor light-up presents!  

5. Stay Classy with Table-Top Displays

Pine cones, oversized baubles and sparkly foliage make for the ideal coffee table decorations for your reception or waiting area. Simply place in a large gold dish or on a tray to add some subtle seasonality to your décor. 

6. Go Big with Atrium Decorations

If you’re more of a go big or go home kind of person, who just happens to have plenty of free space, then why not create a winter wonderland masterpiece?  

7. Gift Your Staff with Computer Elves

These tiny, little characters look so cute sat atop computer screens, sat on desks or displayed proudly around the office. Plus, they’ll add a little bit of festive cheer to your space without decorations becoming distracting.  

8. Give Staff Edible Santas

Or you could give your employees exactly what they want – chocolate Santas, of course!  

9. Don’t Go Overboard

Of course, whatever you do to decorate this Christmas, make sure your trimmings don’t become overwhelming and prevent your staff from doing their jobs.

Tweet us a pic of your office Christmas decorations to @OfficeImageLtd and we may just add your photo to this blog post! But in the meantime, we’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and happy New Year from everyone at Office Image!

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